Canadian boy’s 1.02-inch baby tooth declared a world record

An Ontario boy became a Guinness World Record holder after a baby tooth pulled by his dentist was measured at 1.02 inches long.

Luke Boulton, 9, of Peterborough, received word from Guinness that his tooth, removed by Dr. Chris McArthur of Liftlock Family Dentistry, earned the record for the world’s longest milk tooth extracted.

Boulton’s family said the tooth was removed Sept. 17, 2019, when the boy was 8 years old, but they only recently learned that their application for the world record had been accepted and they have not yet received an official certificate.

“It was a bit disturbing at first to think that was in someone’s mouth,” Craig Boulton, the boy’s father, told PTBO Canada of when he first saw the extracted tooth. “It was pretty impressive.”

Boulton said Luke’s oldest sister, Leah, suggested the tooth could be a world record.

Luke Boulton said he is planning to have his tooth displayed with his certificate once it arrives from Guinness.